The Girl With the Spade Tattoo

Dedicated exclusively to the branding of white wives and girlfriends with the Queen of Spades symbol. The QOS is quickly becoming the worst kept secret in adult society. Wives and girlfriends everywhere are starting to show their pride in their love of Big Black Dick. Tattoos, both real and fake, shirts clothing and jewelry showing the spade symbol will be posted regularly. Feel free to submit your own findings to me.

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Get that fucking white cock away from me

Get that fucking white cock away from me

Anonymous asked: Cuckold wife tatoo


imslut4bbc asked: Have you ever had fresh cum eaten out of you?


thikgrlfan asked: Damn i wish i could find these women here where i live? Great post I'm glad to be a follower

I am glad to have you as a follower.  what do you want to see more of?

Anonymous asked: you are not allowed fuck white cocks really

Oh, I guess if I really wanted to fuck a white boy again I could.  However I choose black.


QOS - Dear ladies- Please add to our wardrobe and wear every day.