The Girl With the Spade Tattoo

Dedicated exclusively to the branding of white wives and girlfriends with the Queen of Spades symbol. The QOS is quickly becoming the worst kept secret in adult society. Wives and girlfriends everywhere are starting to show their pride in their love of Big Black Dick. Tattoos, both real and fake, shirts clothing and jewelry showing the spade symbol will be posted regularly. Feel free to submit your own findings to me.

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Anonymous asked: lol, wherever he can. I like it you have other things on your mind. That's great you'll have to inform me when it's up, I need as much advice as I can get, lol. How exactly did you turn black only, was it you or your husband who wanted it?

Here is an interview I did for a blog a couple of weeks ago. It answers many of your questions!

wifelikesbbc asked: My wife is going to get her First QOS tattoo this weekend she can't wait. She is still deciding where to get it and what style

That is awesome for both of you! Go with the ankle, easy to see!

Anonymous asked: Hi Harmoni, I just want to say good luck with the site can't wait to be a regular visitor and to let you know that 2 months after buying a 10 inch long 7 inch girth doc johnson big boy dildo for my girlfriend she finally begged me to buy her a bigger dildo. the seed has been sown lol. without your inspiration she'd still want my small white cock. thanks.

See, it can happen to you! Keep it up. Just be patient!

Anonymous asked: I'd love to be bent over and fucked with a big black strap-on by you harmoni, your so hot! I love the way you are with BBC.P.S. you can film it just hide my face and don't tell my partner lol

I will gladly fuck you with a strap on for my site. But you have to show your face! Otherwise how can the fans of pegging see you enjoy it?